Trusted Partner in Revision

From diagnostics to patient-specific re-implantation, we unite customizable, interconnected and interdependent services and solutions to address each unique episode of care. We are your trusted partner in delivering optimal clinical and economic outcomes in revision arthroplasties.

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We offer many ways a surgeon can explore through his or her journey in revision and support the continuum of healthcare. From medical education (MedEd) to patient engagement, we can support a full scope of needs.

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Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI), is considered one of the main challenges facing orthopedic surgeons today. Making a timely and accurate diagnosis of PJI is key in the creation of an informed treatment plan and improving patient outcomes. Zimmer Biomet offers a number of solutions to support the diagnosis of PJI.

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Designed with the surgeon in mind, surgical tools play a key role in supporting the procedure of bone resection, prior implant removal and cement removal; a delicate step in a hip or knee revision surgery.

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We offer a range of solutions for enhancing intraoperative care, bringing versatility and support in removing structurally resistant forms of bacteria, including biofilms, on wounds.

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Hip and knee revision surgery can be challenging and often unpredictable due to joint instability, soft tissue balance and bone loss encountered during a procedure.  Zimmer Biomet offers revision surgeons solutions to address these issues with our comprehensive revision portfolio that incudes implants, innovative materials and cement designed to aid in addressing revision challenges.

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Limb Salvage

Zimmer Biomet’s Limb Salvage Portfolio was designed to address patients with severe bone loss, atypical joint deformities, multiple revisions or oncologic musculoskeletal disorders found in the hip, knee and shoulder. Our salvage systems are designed to provide surgeons with modularity and surgical latitude to best meet the unique needs of each individual patient.

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Patient-Specific Solutions

Anatomic individuality or extremely difficult reconstructive cases may require the development of a patient-specific, 3D printed, implant. In such cases, Zimmer Biomet's PMI® Patient-Matched Implant department is available to work directly with surgeons to address the most severe cases of bone loss or deformity. Using CT, X-ray or MRI data, the PMI team can provide a solution for even the most complex cases.

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