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Restoring Peak Performance

Zimmer Biomet’s Sports Medicine division has a solid reputation as an industry leader in both the shoulder and knee products. However, it doesn’t stop there. We’ve built on that clinical heritage to address the top issues and concerns in Sports Medicine. Whether you’re looking for products designed to achieve soft tissue reattachment, cartilage restoration and preservation, or minimally-invasive products that fill bony defects near the joint, we’ve worked out a comprehensive portfolio to help you help the athletes you treat, restore peak performance.

Rotator Cuff Repair Image

Rotator Cuff Repair

With a versatile rotator cuff portfolio, including knotless anchors, all-suture anchors, biocomposite anchors, traditional suture anchors, interpositional scaffold-anchor implants and suture passers, Zimmer Biomet has a variety of solutions for small to larger cuff tears.  The following offering of anchors and accompanying passers allows surgeons to repair the rotator cuff, via double row or single row, knotless or with knots tied, to accommodate the tear pattern. 


Shoulder Labral Repair

Labral tears vary from location to severity amongst patients so there is not just one solution.  Find out more about our comprehensive implant and instrumentation offering for labral repair to accommodate each surgeon’s specific philosophy and technique providing versatility, strength, and clinical results.


Biceps Repair

The Zimmer Biomet portfolio provides a variety of options for mini-open or arthroscopic biceps repair procedures.  Additionally, with suture anchors, suspensory fixation and tenodesis screws options for both on-lay and in-lay, there are a myriad of options available to make the best choice for the patient.


AC Joint Repair

Separated shoulder or AC joint injuries vary in severity amongst patients from acute to chronic in nature. Zimmer Biomet Sports Medicine provides a knotless, two-button suspensory fixation for clavicle reduction for arthroscopic or mini-open approaches.


Hand & Wrist

Zimmer Biomet offers the smallest anchor in the market for soft tissue reattachment in the hand and wrist with the JuggerKnot® 1.0 mm Mini Soft Anchor


ACL Reconstruction

In knee arthroscopy, there are multitudes of ways to repair knee ligaments from graft choice to tunnel placement.  Learn more below about the all-encompassing portfolio of implants, which provides solutions for both soft tissue and bone tendon bone grafts and all types of repairs including cortical and aperture fixation.  Amongst the extensive offering of solutions are the first-to-market adjustable cortical fixation devices and PEEK interference screw.


Knee Instrumentation

We are proud to offer an array of instrumentation for the numerous techniques to create socket and tunnels for multiligament reconstruction. These include the Anatomy Specific Guide, SwitchCut™ Retro-Reaming System, and Precision Flexible Reaming System. In conjunction with these great instruments, we also worked with surgeons who created the I.D.E.A.L.™1 ACL philosophy, which encourages the appropriate placement of the femoral tunnel.


Meniscus Repair

Zimmer Biomet is proud to offer a variety of all-suture options for meniscal repair that are strong, efficient, and easy to use for multiple tear patterns.



A comprehensive offering for hip acetabular labral repair incorporating the first-to-market and leading all-suture anchor system designed to prioritize strength and versatility in reaching difficult angles on the acetabular rim.



Partnering with multiple, accredited tissue banks, Zimmer Biomet is a trusted source for an extensive variety of soft tissue and traditional bone allografts. From the simple to complex requests, we continue to help surgeons and hospitals with their allograft needs.

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