Zimmer® Universal Power System


Zimmer® Universal Power System surgical equipment gives surgeons unmatched precision and reliability. This Swiss engineered orthopedic surgery tool is powerful and lightweight, featuring a single handpiece for drilling, reaming, and sawing.

Simply choose the handpiece that meets your power-supply needs: battery, electric, or pneumatic – and the exact attachments for the surgical procedures you perform. Your fully customized system can help increase efficiency, minimize clutter, and reduce costs.

This is the lightest large-bone system on the market, carefully balanced to improve maneuverability and reduce fatigue. The unique hub design makes it simple to reposition attachments to navigate around anatomy. All together, the Zimmer® Universal Power System is designed to provide uncompromising performance during large-bone orthopedic surgical procedures.


Zimmer Biomet delivers a new level of quality, performance, and comfort to power surgical instruments, delivering the speed, torque, run times, and charge cycles you demand.

  • Brushless and sensorless electronic motor delivers the necessary speed and torque while improving power output and reliability
  • Lithium battery technology provides superior run times and increased cycle life for reliable power on demand with consistent performance throughout surgical procedures


Each handpiece works with the complete line of attachments:

  • Drill attachments = 7 SKUs
  • Reamer attachments = 8 SKUs x 3 speeds
  • Pin/Wire Drivers = 2 SKUs (0.6-2.2mm/2.0-4.0mm)
  • Saw attachments = 2 SKUs
  • Modular couplings = 10 SKUs

Surgical tool performance that exceeds expectations

Zimmer Biomet is focused on providing orthopedic surgery tools that improve precision and maximize comfort. The Zimmer Biomet® Universal Power System delivers- giving surgeons a precision-engineered tool power system with technology focused on large-bone surgical procedures.


The brushless and sensorless electronic motor provides several critical advantages. It delivers higher speeds and a higher range of torque while maintaining a lower weight, it has no risk of sparking, and it requires little to no maintenance throughout its lifetime.

  • Surgical saw speed: 12,000 cpm
  • Surgical drill speed: 1,000 rpm
  • Surgical ream speed: 250, 350, 500 rpm/high, standard, low torque

Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries provide superior run times and increased cycle life for reliable power on demand with consistent performance throughout orthopedic surgery procedures. Plus, lithium batteries can be disposed of through normal waste methods, making them a more environmentally friendly option than NiCad batteries.

Lithium battery technology–choose sterilizable or aseptic–provides distinct advantages:

  • 15-minute run time
  • 5-60 minute charging time depending on depletion
  • No memory build-up
  • Improved Charge Cycles
  • A single, compact charger used for either option


A variety of handpiece options are available to meet your needs and preferences in surgical power equipment. The single trigger model offers the simplicity of one trigger with a toggle switch that determines direction and the option to choose battery or electrical power.

With the dual trigger handpiece, press the bottom trigger for forward or both triggers for reverse (top trigger determines reverse direction: does not initiate action alone). Along with battery or electrical power options, a pneumatic dual trigger handpiece is also available.

The attachment point for a lithium battery or electrical power is the same, adding another level of versatility. Each handpiece works with our complete line of surgical sawing, drilling, and reaming attachments.

Versatility in the palm of your hand

With the Universal Power System, you choose from a comprehensive line of attachments to create the customized orthopedic surgery tool you need. With one handpiece, you have the speed and torque you need for a wide range of procedures. Choose the attachments and couplings that work with the commonly used disposables you prefer.

Surgical Drilling

Our precision-engineered drill attachments deliver exceptional performance in the operating room. They are appropriate for reconstructive and trauma procedures. A variety of options are available to accept most drill bit shanks.

  • Zimmer/Hudson 1000 rpm
  • Small AO 1000 rpm
  • Hudson 1000 rpm
  • ¼” Key Chuck 1000 rpm
  • ¼” Keyless Chuck 1000 rpm
  • 5/32” Key Chuck 1000 rpm
  • Pin Driver (Accepts 2.0-4.0mm pins)
  • Wire Driver (Accepts 0.6-2.2mm wires)
  • Radiolucent Drill (Simplifies distal interlocking under imaging)

Surgical Reaming

Reaming attachments are available in 250, 350, and 500 rpm configurations to provide the torque, speed, and precision you need. A variety of reaming attachments are available to accept common disposables. These are appropriate for hips, knees, revisions, trauma, and other large-bone surgical procedures.

  • Zimmer
  • Zimmer/Hudson
  • Hudson
  • AO
  • ¼” Key Chuck
  • Dynamic Screw
  • Trinkle
  • Harris

Surgical Sawing

Sawing attachments are designed to provide speed, precision, and reliable performance during large-bone surgical procedures.

  • Oscillating Saw (Sagital)
  • Reciprocating Saw

Specialized Surgery Tool Attachments

Our specialized attachments perform both drilling and reaming to minimize dedicated components during certain reconstructive or trauma surgery procedures. They are used with modular couplings to accommodate various reamers and drill bits.

  • Intramedullary Attachment (Changes the angle of use)
  • Drill/Reamer Attachment


Modular couplings:

  • Modular Zimmer Coupling
  • Modular Zimmer/Hudson Coupling
  • Modular Small AO Coupling
  • Modular Hudson Coupling
  • Modular ¼” Key Chuck
  • Modular ¼” Keyless Chuck
  • Modular AO Coupling
  • Modular Trinkle Coupling
  • Modular Harris Coupling


Whether you choose battery, electrical, or pneumatic power, you can be sure that every Zimmer component is engineered to the highest standards. Several sterilization cases are also available to help keep your customized surgical power tools organized and accessible.


  • Aseptic Transfer Kit
    • Aseptic Housing
    • Aseptic Battery Pack
    • Aseptic Funnel
  • Sterilizable Battery
  • Compact Battery Charger
    • Charge up to 4 batteries at once
    • Works with both Sterilizable and Aseptic batteries


  • Electric Power System
  • Sterilizable Cord (3.5 m)


  • Pneumatic Hose 3 m
    • Draeger and Synthes connections available
  • Pneumatic Hose 5 m
    • Draeger and Synthes connections available


  • Universal Sterilization Case with Lift Out Tray
  • Universal Trauma Sterilization Case
  • Universal Sterilization Case Pneumatic

Reduces cost of ownership without sacrificing performance

The fully customizable Zimmer Biomet® Universal Power System can help save money. First, you choose only the attachments you need to create a customized system and reduce acquisition costs. Those attachments accept most commonly used disposables, helping eliminate redundancies and the need to purchase all new disposables. But the savings go beyond the system and attachments.


The Zimmer Biomet® Universal Power System is designed to help you streamline efficiency across your institution. Customizable sterilization trays can reduce sterilization, preparation, organization, and drying cycle times. And our unique system doesn’t require significant changes to your existing surgical sterilization processes.


Zimmer Biomet stands behind you by standing behind our products with a comprehensive 1-year warranty on capital items and accessories. Should your Zimmer Biomet® UNIVERSAL Power System need repairs for any reason, we provide replacement systems on loan within 24 hours. That keeps your institution running smoothly while your surgical power tools are repaired to our uncompromising standards.

Special incentive programs and unparalleled support

As a dedicated partner, our goal is always to support your organization with quality, performance, customization, and money-saving programs. We work closely with you to implement any applicable volume incentive programs or other ownership options to help reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Your Zimmer Biomet consultant is always ready with services and solutions that help your institution provide the best possible care. In fact, your consultant understands the full breadth of Zimmer Biomet offerings and how they can be effectively implemented. When you have questions, comments or needs, trust your consultant to provide the support, feedback and answers you need.

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