BioWick® Implants

Interpositional Scaffold-Anchor Implants for Rotator Cuff Repair

BioWick is the first all-in-one, interpositional scaffold-anchor implant designed to address both the biological and mechanical issues of rotator cuff repair. By combining an interpositional scaffold wick & traditional suture anchor into one implant, BioWick offers a comprehensive approach to repair.

Unique “Interpositional” Scaffold Wick

Arthroscopically deployed at the tendon-bone interface where tendon-bone integration needs to occur.

  • Aligned PLGA (85/15 L-lactide/glycolide copolymer) fibers mimic the orientation of collagen fibers in the native tendon1
  • 80% porous architecture allows for high permeability
  • Bioresorbable material is designed to be replaced by tissue over time
BioWick 1000x1000 Second  Inset Image

Results from the BioWick SureLock® Implant Sheep Study demonstrate that the BioWick Implant yields statistically significant improvements to the following healing parameters at the tendon-bone interface at 12 weeks versus controls2,3

  • Higher percentage of tissue Integration at the tendon-bone interface
  • Greater new bone formation at the tendon-bone interface
  • Higher percentage of perpendicular fibers at the tendon-bone interface
  • Higher levels of collagen III at the tendon-bone interface

All-in-One Scaffold Wick + Suture Anchor Design

Designed to address the biological issues of rotator cuff repair while also providing strong mechanical fixation

  • BioWick X: 5.5mm double-loaded or 6.5mm triple-loaded PEEK implants with  interpositional scaffold wick
  • BioWick SureLock: 2.7mm double-loaded all-suture implant with interpositional scaffold wick
BioWick 1000x1000 Third Inset Image

Simple, Reproducible Technique

All-in-one delivery requires no modification to standard surgical technique / No additional OR time

Same insertion and deployment method as a standard medial row anchor

Additional Information

Surgical Techniques

  1. Clark, J.M., Harryman, D.T., “Tendons, Ligaments, and Capsule of the Rotator Cuff”, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, 1992
  2. BioWick Implant CSU Sheep Study. Animal study outcomes are not necessarily predictive of human results.
  3. Funding for the sheep study provided by Cayenne Medical, Inc.

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