Ventix™ Link Screw-In Knotless Anchors

The Ventix Link Screw-In Knotless Anchors bring control, strength and efficiency to soft tissue repair. The threaded, vented, PEEK anchor design provides a strong and reliable platform for lateral row fixation in rotator cuff repair. The unique eyelet/cleat design allows surgeon controlled tensioning after anchor insertion and the ability to accept up to 6 limbs of #2 tape or suture to accommodate all types of tears. 

Screw-In, Knotless, Vented Design

Threaded, vented, PEEK anchor design allows for strong purchase in bone and potential bony integration. 1*

  • The Ventix Link Screw-In Knotless Anchor is designed to address softer bone on the tuberosity


Surgeon-Controlled Tensioning After Anchor Insertion

Unique eyelet/cleat design allows tension to be set, held, and reversed by the surgeon (if needed) after anchor insertion, and maintained throughout deployment.

  • The Ventix Link Knotless Anchor is designed to address over-tensioning in rotator cuff repair (no need to visualize tension prior to anchor insertion)

Multiple Suture Fixation Points

Internal cleat mechanism locks suture inside of the anchor during final deployment, in addition to interference fit between the anchor and bone.

Accepts Up to Six (6) Limbs of Suture or Tape:

Ventix Link Knotless Anchors easily accept up to six (6) limbs of #2 BroadBand Tape or #2 MaxBraid Suture, offering versatility based on the surgeon’s preferred technique.

  1. Data on File, Zimmer Biomet. Test Report Number: 71171. Ventix Link Design Verification Report. 2017.

* Insufficient quantity or quality of bone or soft tissue is a contraindication for use of this product (IFU 71008 Rev D).


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