ComposiTCP™ Interference Screw

ComposiTCP™ Interference Screw

  • Composite mix for both soft tissue and bone-tendon-bone grafts
  • All screw sizes compatible with a 1.1 mm guide wire
  • Available in both round head and fully threaded options

ComposiTCP 30 Interference Screw

  • Made with a composite blend of 70% PLDLA and 30% beta Tri-Calcium Phosphate

ComposiTCP 60 Interference Screw

  • Made with a composite blend of 40% PLDLA and 60% beta Tri-Calcium Phosphate
  • The composite blend of 40% PLDLA and 60% beta Tri-Calcium Phosphate has been studied and the results reported in an in-vivo animal study showed that “in comparison with pure PLA, TCP-containing composite materials had faster degradation kinetics, caused less inflammatory reaction, and promoted contact osteogenesis.” In addition, the study discussed how increased amounts of TCP have been shown to stimulate the proliferation of osteogenous cells.1**
  1. Aunoble S; Clement D; Frayssinet P; Harmand M; Le Heuc J:  “Biological performance of a new ß-TCP/PLLA composite material for applications in spine surgery: In-vitro and in-vivo studies.”  Journal of Biomedical Research Part A, January 2006. Note: ComposiTCP Interference Screw is identical material to the LigaFix 60 cited in this article.

**Bench tests not necessarily indicative of clinical results.


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