Meet Resay.

Growing up nestled along the ample Chinese countryside with his parents and three brothers had it’s charms. His father worked in livestock while he and his three other brothers attended school. But, as is the case for many kids with disabilities, Resay was at the receiving end of extensive teasing due to his severe scoliosis. So much so that at the tender age of nine, his parents withdrew him from school. He remained home for five years, watching his brothers go off to school while he stayed behind.

For some kids, this could greatly affect their psyche.  But, not Resay. His zeal for life was still burning bright the first time he met with Glow Fund Team Members.


The Glow Fund, a UK registered charity, organizes and funds surgeries for Chinese children with serious orthopedic disabilities.  Resay was 14 when he first connected with the Glow Fund. The scoliosis made him hunch over so far that, during his initial assessment, several of the doctors thought he looked more like a young child rather than a teenager. Upon completion of the assessment, the Team agreed that Resay’s surgery would be one of the most difficult, and possibly most risky, they would have ever performed.

Coming up with a solution to help Resay was a collaborative effort. The Glow Fund works with orthopedic surgeons from the Stanford University Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. These two organizations, in conjunction with team members from Zimmer Biomet’s Spine Team, identified a Zimmer Biomet Spine product engineered for such a case.

After seven months of collaboration, logistical challenges, and planning, Resay was ready for surgery. The journey took him 2,700 miles from home where he underwent an intense 13 hours of surgery. Upon receiving notification that the surgery was complete, Glow Fund Team Members literally cheered with jubilation that Resay was safely out of surgery and recovering in the ICU.


Resay’s kind and resilient spirit, coupled with his bravery, served him well as he navigated months of postoperative pain and rehabilitation. After nearly one year since surgery, the Glow Fund was excited to report that Resay has recovered very well and is counting the days till he can return to school.

Zimmer Biomet’s mission to alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for people around the world directly impacted Resay’s life. Because of their commitment to helping those in need through initiatives like the product donation program, they are able to help connect surgeons and patients with the products needed for a range of conditions.

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