About Foot and Ankle Replacement

Surgical Treatment Options

Foot and Ankle Pain Relief

If other treatment methods have been unsuccessful, surgery may be the most effective way to relieve your foot or ankle pain. There are various surgical options available, all intended to help restore your mobility, alleviate your pain, and improve your quality of life. Talk to your surgeon about what may be right for you.  


Plates and Screws

Sometimes, surgeons need implantable medical devices to attach or ‘fix’ bone or soft tissue. These types of devices are referred to as fixation devices. There are several types of fixation devices, depending on the type of injury being treated. These can include external fixation devices as well as metallic internal fixation devices. The most commonly used fixation devices are plates and screws. These help treat bone fractures, fusions, and other deformities of the foot and ankle, such as hammertoe, hallux rigidus, and bunions.


Ankle Reconstruction

Sometimes joints are injured or wear out to the point when an artificial joint is needed to restore mobility; this is called ankle joint replacement or reconstruction. During joint reconstruction, a total ankle implant system is used to reconstruct the ankle joint for patients suffering from arthritis. 


Soft Tissue Management

Ankle stabilization is a key procedure used when the ligaments on the outside of the ankle are stretched or torn. This procedure is sometimes performed on it’s own, but it also can be performed prior to fusing (welding) a joint. Soft tissue products can provide tendon-to-bone stabilization or bone-to-bone stabilization, depending on the specific scenario.



Through bone and soft tissue grafts (transplants), it’s possible to repair, replace, reconstruct, or supplement the recipient's tissues lost to injury, disease, or aging. These biological solutions can help heal bone fractures and soft tissue defects or expedite foot and ankle treatments.

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