Comprehensive® Reverse Shoulder System Mini Humeral Tray

Continuing the legacy of engineering innovation, the Comprehensive Mini Humeral Tray provides:

  • 40 mm diameter humeral tray, designed to address medial overhang on smaller patients, reducing likelihood of scapular notching allowing for greater range of motion.
  • Slide humeral tray laterally with respect to the stem with offset post options (+0, +3, +6 mm) designed to address medial overhang on smaller patients, allowing for greater range of motion.
  • SIM-Loc™ Technology secures the bearing to the humeral tray, and can be assembled with finger force for ease of assembly intraoperatively.
  • Robust humeral tray with increased radius on post/base intersection and thicker base.
  • Intuitive instrumentation designed to facilitate ease of use in the operating room. Instruments are laid out in the order of surgical flow.
  • Material Technologies Zimmer Biomet’s exclusive Vivacit-E® and Prolong® Highly Cross-linked Polyethylene are designed to minimize the potential for wear and oxidative degradation1-4  
  • Full Compatibility with the Trabecular Metal™ Reverse Shoulder System, with  the addition of a 40 mm Comprehensive Glenosphere. Both systems available in 36 and 40 mm glenospheres and bearings, designed to allow surgeons to mix systems to facilitate both surgeon preferences as well as address unusual/difficult cases. Mini Humeral Trays are also compatible with Segmental Revision System (SRS) and ASHCOM™ Shoulder. The ASHCOM Shoulder is an adapter that allows the combination of the Anatomical Shoulder™ Humeral Stems with the Comprehensive Trays.

Mini Humeral Trays

  • Cobalt Chrome or Titanium
  • 40 mm diameter
  • Three height options (+0, +5, +10 mm)
  • Three offset posts options (+0, +3, +6 mm)

Mini Humeral Bearings

  • Vivacit-E or Prolong Highly Cross-Linked Polyethylene
  • Three height options (+0, +3 mm or +3 Retentive)
  • SIM-Loc™ Technology
  • Final Humeral Tray/Bearing inclination angle at 57°/147°
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