Coonrad/Morrey Elbow

For complete patient-matching flexibility, the Coonrad/Morrey Total Elbow is unsurpassed in interchangeability and design.1,3 The Coonrad/Morrey Total Elbow has a long-term clinical use for treatments spanning rheumatoid and degenerative arthritis2,5  to trauma reconstruction3,4 where less radical procedures are unwarranted.

The bottom line—results. That's what our ease-of-operation, enhanced fixation, and simple, precise instrumentation can provide. 

Comprehensive patient-matching and intraoperative flexibility:

  • 12 humeral stems – 4-, 6-, and 8-inch lengths in extra-small, small, and regular sizes
  • 10 ulnar stems – anatomic left/right stems with standard and long lengths in extra-small, small, and regular sizes

First-in-class anterior flange to promote humeral stem rotational stability.

Simple-to-use 2-piece locking pin provides component linkage.

Longer flange options address distal humeral bone loss without a custom implant. 

Instrumentation and surgical technique that reliably and reproducibly reconstruct the elbow joint.

Clinical Success

In joint replacement surgery, total hip surgery offers a standard for clinical success. By comparison, the Coonrad/Morrey Total Elbow has performed equally well or better.1,2 Backed by more than 25 years of clinical history,1,3 the Coonrad/Morrey Total Elbow sets the standard in total elbow arthroplasty.

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