Bonus® CC Matrix – Bone Graft System


Bonus Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute granules are resorbable, osteoconductive matrices consisting of a thin, 2–10 micron layer of hydroxyapatite over a calcium carbonate core. Bonus Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute has been indicated as a bone graft substitute that resorbs and is replaced with bone during the healing process.

Bone Remodeling

  • Osteoconductive cancellous bone
  • Osteoinductivity-verified DBM powder
  • Hydrate with autologous blood products, saline, or antibiotic solution

Handling Characteristics

  • User controlled graft consistency
  • Hydration flexibility
  • Unique blend of cortical and cancellous bone matrices


  • All inclusive bone grafting kit
  • Available in 5cc and 10cc sizes
  • Ease of preparation

Optimum Scaffold, Easy Preparation

Bonus CC Matrix is allograft bone that maintains its osteoinductive growth factors and acts as an osteoconductive scaffold as an alternative to autograft

Bonus CC Matrix utilizes a unique formulation of demineralized cortical bone (DBM) and mineralized cancellous chips that combine the optimal sizes and ratios of each. This provides a unique scaffold for bone growth while avoiding the common delivery and packing challenges associated with larger bone chips.

Bonus CC Matrix offers all the benefits of allograft while providing the surgeon a consistent and efficient method of hydration, in addition to the unparalleled Biomet Biologics offering of autologous outputs as hydration media, like from BioCUEGPS III, and Plasmax.

Tissue Processing

The cortical bone (DBM) and mineralized cancellous chips come from the same donor. The tissue is processed using Allowash to inactivate a broad panel of viruses. Potential donors are evaluated through a multi-step process and subjected to testing that meets current AATB and FDA requirements.*

Completing the bone remodeling triad

Bonus CC Matrix is a unique formulation of cortical and cancellous bone providing an osteoinductive and osteoconductive scaffold for bone growth with flexible hydrating and handling options to add osteogenic properties completing the bone remodeling triad.

*For additional product information, see the package insert.


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