Vanguard® Knee System

Surgical Simplicity


The Vanguard Knee System offers surgical simplicity to knee arthroplasty with its bearing versatility and complete component interchangeability. The independent fit of the femoral, tibial, and patellar components allow surgeons to provide tailored patient care. The Vanguard Knee System offers an entire spectrum of knee stability, including:  

  • Two femoral stabilization options: cruciate retaining (CR) and posterior stabilized (PS) 
  • Ten femoral sizes
  • Nine tibial sizes
  • Five levels of bearing constraint
  • Complete interchangeability between femoral and tibial components
  • Optimal congruency in the coronal plane resulting from Zimmer Biomet's proprietary 1:1 conformity
  • Twenty-six patella options in multiple diameters, thicknesses, and peg configurations
  • Three fully interchangeable instrument platforms

Part of the surgical simplicity is the overall performance surgeons and their patients can rely on with Zimmer Biomet orthopaedic implants.

Zimmer Biomet’s Vanguard® Knee System features two knee implant options so that surgeons may select an implant specifically suited to each patient’s unique needs. Additionally, three fully interchangeable instrument platforms allow for various approaches, ranging from traditional to minimally invasive quadriceps sparing.  

Cruciate Retaining (CR) Knee:

Posterior Stabilized (PS) Knee:

  • Proximally flared patellar track accommodates varying Q-angles
  • Extended trochlear groove maintains patella contact in flexion
  • Rounded sagittal profile reduces soft tissue forces mid-flexion
  • 10 proportional femoral sizes
  • 1:1 tibial-femoral coronal articulation provides increased contact area
  • Enhanced cement grooves
  • PPS® Porous Plasma Spray coating for cementless application; Interlok®finish for cemented
  • Proximally flared patellar track accommodates varying Q-angles
  • Extended trochlear groove maintains patella contact in flexion
  • Conservative proportional box resection preserves femoral bone
  • Extended cam increases dislocation height
  • Posterior condyle design accommodates up to 145 degrees flexion in primary cuts
  • Accommodates distal and posterior augment options
  • PPS Porous Plasma Spray coating for cementless application; Interlok finish for cemented

Three bearing options:

  • CR – Three degree posterior slope
  • CR Lipped – enhanced posterior lip
  • Anterior Stabilized – ultracongruent deep dish design

Two bearing options:

  • PS – substitutes for PCL – no constraint
  • PS+ - rotational and varus/valgus constraint

Vanguard with Verasense

VERASENSETM quantifies soft-tissue instability, tibialfemoral rotation, and alignment in total knee arthroplasty. Adding to the Vanguard Knee System, the VERASENSE™ surgical solution from OrthoSensor® is a single-use, wireless sensor that takes the place of standard tibial insert trials and provides surgeons with dynamic intraoperative feedback without interrupting their workflow.

  1. Rotate – Establish congruent tibialfemoral contact point rotation.1,2,3
  2. Balance – Dynamically fine tune soft tissue balance through full range of motion.1,2,3
  3. Align – Confirm alignment values such as proximal tibial varus/valgus, and overall hip-knee-ankle mechanical axis.
  4. Provides options to enhance intraoperative performance – Available in a variety of tray sizes, thickness, and articulation to address many soft tissue scenarios:
    1. Articulations: cruciate retaining and posterior stabilized
    2. Thickness: 10-18 mm
    3. Tray Sizing: 6 sizes
  1. Gustke K. Use of smart trials for soft-tissue balancing total knee arthroplasty replacement surgery. JBJS. 2012 Nov; Vol., 94-B, No. 11
  2. Golladay, G. Gustke, K. Intraoperative Sensors for Dynamic Feedback During Soft Tissue Balancing, Preliminary results of a Prospective Multi-center Study. OrthoSensor supported clinical study and Whitepaper, 2013.
  3. OrthoSensor 2013 Clinical Research Summary, 2013

*A collaboration with OrthoSensor® VERASENSE and OrthoSensor are trademarks of Orthosensor, Inc.)


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