Zimmer® Natural Nail® System

The Zimmer Natural Nail System is a next generation of intramedullary nails. They are characterized by their anatomic shape, which is intended to replicate the natural anatomic shape of the various long bones in the human skeleton. These nails have been designed for specific applications to help restore the shape of the fractured bone to its natural, pre-injured state. Key characteristics of the Zimmer Natural Nail System are:

  • Anterior bows in all of the femoral nails to match the natural anatomic shape
  • StabiliZe Technology in all of the long nails for solid interface between nail and bone, and stable fixation even in poor bone quality.
  • Different diameters and lengths available to match the anatomy of various patients
  • Spiral or Straight flutes to moderate stiffness and facilitate insertion
  • Intuitive instrumentation for ease of use

Zimmer Natural Nail Cephalomedullary

  • Short Nail (21.5cm) and Long Nail lengths (30cm to 48cm with 2cm increments)
  • Short Nail Diameters: 10mm, 11.5mm, 13mm, 14.5mm
  • Anterior bow short nail: 1275mm
  • Two distal screw options, positioned away from the distal tip, one dynamic and one static.
  • Diameters long nails: 10mm, 11.5mm, 13mm
  • Anterior bow long nails 30 to 34cm: 1275mm36 to 40cm: 1400mm42 to 48cm: 1525mm
  • Long Nails have spiral flutes to moderate the stiffness
  • Long Nails have 4 distal screw options in 2 different planes with StabiliZe Technology
  • Proximal diameter of 15.5mm and a lateralization of 4°
  • Monobloc guide for 3 CCD angles (125°, 130°, 135°)

Zimmer Natural Nail Cephalomedullary Asia

  • Short Nails only (18cm)
  • Proximal diameter of 15.5mm
  • Proximal lateralization of 4°
  • Diameters short nails: 9.3mm, 10mm, 11.5mm, 13mm,  14.5mm
  • Anterior bow short nail: 1275mm
  • Two distal screw options away from the distal tip, one dynamic and one static
  • Monobloc guide of ZNN™ Cephalomedullary Asia for 2 CCD angles (125°, 130°)
  • For long nails, please see Zimmer Natural Nail Cephalomedullary.

Zimmer Natural Nail Antegrade Femur (Greater Trochanter Entry)

  • Greater Trochanter Entry and Periformis Fossa Entry nails available
  • Nail Lengths 24cm to 48cm with 2cm increments
  • Diameters 9.3mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm
  • Diameter 8.3mm available in length 24cm to 40cm with 2cm increments for Greater Trochanter Entry only.
  • Diameter 15mm available in all lengths for Piriformis Fossa Entry
  • Anterior Bows:
    30 to 34cm: 1270mm
    36 to 40cm: 1400mm
    42 to 48cm: 1520mm
  • 2 Ascending Recon Screw options proximally, 2 Descending Screw options proximally and 1 Transverse Screw option proximally
  • 4 distal locking options in 2 different planes with StabiliZe Technology
  • All nails are fluted to moderate the stiffness

Zimmer Natural Nail Retrograde Femur

  • Short and Long Nails available
  • Short Nail lengths 16cm to 24cm with 2cm increments
  • Long Nail lengths 28cm to 44cm with 2cm increments
  • Short and Long Nail diameters 10mm, 11.5mm, 13mm
  • Distal screw options All Nails:2 oblique screws capturing the posterior condyles
    2 transverse screws
  • Proximal screw options short nails 3 L-M screw options (2 static – 1 dynamic)
  • Proximal screw options long nails 2 A-P screw options (1 static – 1 dynamic)
  • StabiliZe Technology for distal screws and proximal screws (proximal for long nails only)
  • Straight Flutes for both the short and the long nails

Zimmer Natural Nail Tibia

  • Tibia Nail Lengths from 24cm to 44cm with 2cm increments
  • Tibia Nail Diameters 8.3mm, 9.3mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm
  • 10° Herzog Curve and 60mm Proximal body
  • 3 Flute shape for good fit in the canal (10mm and more)
  • 2° Anterior Bow distally
  • 4 proximal screw options:
    1 oblique and descending with joint line
    1 oblique and ascending
    2 L-M screw options (1 static and 1 dynamic)
  • 3 distal screw options of which 2 L-M and 1 A-P
  • Most distal screw hole is 5 to 10mm from distal tip

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