Comprehensive Total Shoulder System featuring Access Glenoid Instrumentation

Ideal option for hemi and total shoulder arthroplasty that provides for patient specific implant selection

The Comprehensive Total Shoulder System features a broad array of options including wide-ranging sizes, customizable offset, potential for enhanced fixation and new, easy-to-use Access Glenoid Instrumentation. It also offers the flexibility to move from a hemi-arthroplasty to a total or reverse arthroplasty, or revise if necessary.

Comprehensive Humeral Stem

  • Stems available in micro, mini, standard, fracture and revision lengths, allowing for patient-specific selection
  • Micro and mini stem technology offers bone conserving options
  • Revision stems feature a lateral fin for tuberosity repair
  • Tapered geometry for even stress offloading and proximal PPS Porous Plasma Spray coating to facilitate biologic fixation
  • Reverse Morse taper provides for unobstructed preparation of the glenoid face
  • Micro, mini and standard stems have no proximal collar and are polished distally for ease of revision, if necessary

Learn more about Biomet's Comprehensive Mini Stem Technology

Versa-Dial Humeral Head

  • Infinite offset options between 0.5 and 4.5mm, providing the ability to accurately reproduce natural anatomy
  • 17 head sizes ranging from 38 to 58mm in diameter and 18 to 27mm in height
  • Minimized gap stem and head design to allow the humeral head to sit virtually flush with the resection

Modular Hybrid Glenoid

  • Available in small, medium and large ArCom polyethylene bases for additional sizing options
  • Three outer pegs facilitate cement fixation
  • Optional central pegs include Regenerex Porous Titanium Construct, allowing for bony fixation, and ArCom polyethylene compression fit for cemented applications
  • Central pegs feature a titanium core for strength and modularity

Comprehensive Access Glenoid Instrumentation in Total Shoulder Applications

The fastest growing shoulder platform now offers streamlined glenoid instrumentation.1

Comprehensive Access Glenoid Instruments meet the growing demand for ease of glenoid preparation by providing a streamlined, low-profile, cannulated instrument platform.

Four-Step Glenoid Preparation:

Step 1: Glenoid Sizing and Pin Insertion Low-profile guide offers visualization for accurate placement and sizing.

Step 2: Glenoid Reaming Low-profile, cannulated reamer enters the joint with ease.

Step 3: 2-in-1 Regenerex Post Preparation Ream the glenoid boss and Regenerex post in one simple motion.

Step 4: Peripheral Peg Preparation No more anti-rotation pegs. The drill bits are designed with a magnetic end for quick release while resisting rotation.


  1. Orthopedic Network News. A 2012 Extremity Update. Vol 23 No 1. 2012.

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