OSS™ Side Access Expandable Device

The Orthopedic Salvage System Side Access Expandable Device offers treatment options for patients requiring distal femoral replacement who have not yet achieved skeletal maturity (open epiphysis) or patients who require surgery who have significant residual leg length discrepancy.

Based on the proven Orthopedic Salvage System rotating hinged knee1-2, the OSS Side Access Expandable Device is compatible with all OSS components and can be used in conjunction with Zimmer Biomet’s industry-unique Compress® Device. Device expansion and lengthening is achieved through a minimally invasive procedure.

  • Minimally invasive lateral access expansion
  • Cleared for use with the clinically proven Compress Device3–5
  • Available in Reduced Size (RS) options for pediatric use
  • Multiple distal femoral replacement lengths of 15-25 cm
  • Expansion lengths ranging from 3-13 cm provide a variety of options to best match leg lengths with the contralateral leg
  • Minimal instrumentation required for lengthening
  • Compatible with OSS components
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