Cementless Vanguard® Complete Knee System

The Vanguard® Complete Knee System’s PPS® femur, Regenerex® Primary Tibial Tray and Regenerex® Series-A Patella, provides increased options for cementless arthroplasty and personalized patient care.

PPS® Femur

The Vanguard® Complete Knee System offers ten femoral sizes specifically designed for optimal bone coverage of all patient populations. PPS® coating has been proven to:

  • Maintain the implant’s inherent fatigue strength1-2
  • Provide for early stage bone fixation, helping to prevent micromotion3
  • Provide for late stage bone fixation, helping to offload stresses between implant and bone3

Regenerex® Primary Tibial Tray

The Regenerex® Primary Tibial Tray combines advanced Regenerex® technology with a clinically proven design4 to allow for biologic fixation into the Regenerex® construct to provide for rigid fixation.

  • Four square, non-porous peripheral pegs designed to engage firm cancellous bone for initial biologic fixation 
  • Absence of fixation screws eliminates osteolysis pathways5
  • Compatible with the four primary articulations within the Vanguard® Complete Knee System 
  • Tibial locking mechanism proven to reduce micromotion and backside wear6-7
  • Provides for intraoperative stem selection to match specific patient needs
    • Splined, tapered stem (40 and 80 mm lengths)
    • Cruciate fin (40 and 80 mm lengths)
    • I-beam stem (40 mm length)
    • Taper cap (20 mm length)

Regenerex® Series-A Patella

Regenerex® Patella incorporates Biomet's Regenerex® technology with the Series-A true dome shape, providing surgeons that utilize other Biomet cementless products a complete cementless knee replacement.

  • Three-peg design
  • Increased inner polyethylene thickness while maintaining overall true dome patella geometry
  • Maintains polyethylene thickness throughout range of sizes
  • Maintains consistency of peg location throughout range of sizes


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