ZMR XL Revision Hip System

Proximal support of the implant is desired in all femoral revision hip surgeries. However, when the surgeon is unable to obtain proximal implant support, the ZMR XL Hip System should be considered. The ZMR XL Hip System was specifically designed to accommodate cases in which proximal support is not obtainable with the standard junction components. However, as with any non-supported femoral stem, the patient would be warned of the increased risk of fatigue fracture of the stem even though a ZMR XL construct is used.1-9


The ZMR Hip Prosthesis is indicated for cementless total hip arthroplasty in patients whose bone stock is of poor quality or inadequate for other reconstruction techniques as indicated by deficiencies of the femoral head, neck, or portions of the proximal femur. Arthroplasty should be performed only when more conservative methods of treatment have failed to provide symptomatic relief or when there is progressive disability.

Information for Use

Special instruments are available and necessary to assemble, disassemble, and accurately install the implant components.


Contraindications include: 

  • Use of this device when a less invasive procedure would be sufficient
  • Skeletal immaturity
  • Loss of abductor musculature in the affected limb
  • Poor bone stock (e.g., steroid-induced metabolic bone disease)
  • Poor skin coverage around the hip joint
  • Neuromuscular disease (e.g., Charcot’s joint) in the affected limb
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