Trilogy IT Acetabular System

For orthopedic surgeons treating a wide range of patients, the Trilogy IT Acetabular System provides a clinically proven 1-5 Fiber Metal Material and the power to choose advanced bearing options that best meet individual patient needs.

Clinically Proven Fiber Metal Material

Over twenty-five years of clinical history 1-5

Power to choose advanced bearing technologies to match patient demands

Longevity ® Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene is highly resistant to wear and aging, with over ten years of proven clinical history.5-15

Metasul ® Technology has a very low wear rate with over twenty years of clinical history.5,16

BIOLOX ® delta Ceramic affords a very low wear rate in a material with improved mechanical properties compared to traditional ceramics.

Design Rationale


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BIOLOX is a registered trademark of CeramTec AG Corporation

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