Regenerex® RingLoc®+ Modular Acetabular System

Next generation locking features coupled with advanced porous metal technology

The Regenerex® RingLoc®+ Modular Acetabular System combines the proven RingLoc® shell design with next generation cup features and Regenerex® Porous Titanium Construct to achieve an optimal combination of stability, strength and intraoperative flexibility in primary and revision hip surgery.

Proven RingLoc® Locking Mechanism

The proprietary RingLoc® locking mechanism has ranked highest in push-out and lever-out strength and lowest in micromotion among competitive systems in independent laboratory testing.1-4

  • Unparalleled locking mechanism allows for removal of the liner and helps prevent liner dislocation*
  • Designed for use with polyethylene, including E1® liners, for the optimum combination of stability, fixation and low wear

Advanced Porous Metal Technology

  • Regenerex® Porous Titanium Construct combines a clinically proven material with technology that provides optimal pore structure for bone fixation, initial stability, strength and flexibility
  • Demonstrated initial fixation as early as two weeks in animal studies5-6
  • Extremely biocompatible7 material that maintains a strong construct without increasing the stiffness of the implant

Next Generation Cup Features

  • Extended rim to help prevent soft tissue impingement
  • Large dome hole for ease of insertion
  • Maximum congruency at the liner-to-shell interface to help minimize micromotion
  • Upgraded, easy to use instrumentation for intraoperative flexibility
  • Multiple liner configurations
  • Ultra-low wear with large heads5

For revision surgery, the Regenerex® RingLoc®+ Modular Acetabular System offers:

  • Maximum dislocation resistance and improved range of motion when combined with Biomet's Freedom®constrained liner for patients with high dislocation risk 
  • 12 augment options to address complex acetabular reconstruction
  • Multiple screw hole options for maximized stability


* Any time the liner is removed, it is recommended that the locking ring be removed and replaced with a new one. If the liner is damaged in any way, a new liner should be utilized.

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