Continuum Acetabular System

The G7™ system is a multi-bearing acetabular platform delivering simplicity, efficiency and performance to optimize the operating room experience. With the latest technological developments in implant and instrumentation design, it offers a wide range of acetabular shell options, clinically proven fixation1-4 and advanced bearing technologies within a simple, elegant and highly flexible instrumentation platform.


G7 Patient-Specific Mini Trays

  • Designed to streamline the operating room experience
  • Customize instrumentation selection based on patient needs and surgeon preference
  • Each trial shell is color-coded to correspond to implant face and box label
  • The ability to match instrumentation to patient needs reduces the number of instrument trays needed in the operating room


The G7 Wave Instrument System

  • All stainless steel construction is designed for fast sterilization and dry times
  • Unique wave construction securely holds instruments while reducing overall case weight
  • Perforated tray promotes sterilizing steam flow and maximum drainage


  • Modern shell design features result in optimized locking strength, maximized head to shell size ratios and implant stability1-5
  • Polyethylene and hard bearing locking mechanisms designed to accommodate multiple polyethylene configuration options and hard bearing surfaces where available*
  • E1®6 and ArComXL®7 bearing materials and PPS® Porous Plasma Spray1-4 fixation provide solutions to meet modern patient demands


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