Bonus™: DBM with Fibrin Sealant

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Vachiramon A, Wang WC, Vachiramon T. Delayed immediate single-step maxillary sinus lift using autologous fibrin adhesive in less than 4-millimeter residual alveolar bone: a case report. J Oral Implantol 2002;28(4):189-93.

Summary: This paper describes a technique where demineralized freeze-dried bone and deproteinized cancellous bovine bone were combined with fibrin sealant in delayed immediate single-step maxillary sinus lift with less than 4 mm of residual bone. The authors reported excellent results with a shorter treatment time, fewer operations, and few complications.

Quotation: "This technique reduced the number of operations and avoided a second surgical site. It also offered a shorter total treatment time, preserved alveolar bone after extraction, and minimized complications with an aesthetically pleasing result."

PubMed ID: 12498466


Maddox E, Zhan M, Mundy GR, Drohan WN, Burgess WH. Optimizing human demineralized bone matrix for clinical application. Tissue Eng 2000 September;6(4):441-8.

Abstract: "The use of human demineralized bone matrix (DBM) powder in periodontal and orthopedic applications is limited by the variability in the osteoinductive or osteoconductive properties of the material. The goal of the present study was to establish simple in vitro and in vivo assays of DBM that would allow us to screen different lots of the material prior to testing in more rigorous animal models. The results demonstrate a wide variability in the performance of individual lots of DBM powder obtained from a single tissue bank. The studies also demonstrate that relatively simple screening can be used to establish the quality of the different lots, and that performance and ease of handling can be improved by using relatively small particle sizes delivered in a fibrin sealant matrix."

PubMed ID: 10992439


Lasa C Jr, Hollinger J, Drohan W, MacPhee M. Delivery of demineralized bone powder by fibrin sealant. Plast Reconstr Surg 1995 November;96(6):1409-17.

Summary: A study was conducted to determine demineralized bone powder carried in fibrin sealant could induce heterotopic and orthotopic bone formation in rats. Results showed that this combination did result in bone formation and improved the handling characteristics of the demineralized bone powder.

Quotation: "Fibrin sealant allowed bone formation by demineralized bone powder to occur, improved the handling of demineralized bone powder, and facilitated the shaping of implants."

PubMed ID: 7480241


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